11 Plus Hero 

Online 11+ Practice

Imagine giving your child the opportunity to prepare for the 11+ exam in the most stress-free way possible.

That's exactly what our brand new 11+ online practice portal does.

Simply put, it makes preparing for the 11+ effortless.

11 Plus Hero is perfect for students who are often on the move but don't want to miss out on valuable 11+ preparation.


At just £45 per year, 11 Plus Hero is an incredibly affordable way to give your child the invaluable practice that they need to excel in the 11+ exam. 

Purchase it today and you'll receive an entire year's worth of essential preparation.

After the twelve month period, simply email us to let us know whether you'd like to renew your annual subscription or cancel it. 

Click the button below to purchase 11 Plus Hero today. After completing the payment, you'll receive email confirmation and your login details.

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50,000+ exam-style questions

11 Plus Hero features thousands of 11+ questions and is suitable for students sitting the grammar and independent school exams. 

Covers all four 11+ subjects




Non-Verbal Reasoning 


Instant marking

There's no need to worry about how questions are marked because 11 Plus Hero provides instant marking and explanations for the answers to questions that your child gets wrong. This means that your child can learn from their mistakes and increase their chances of passing the exam.