The syllabus for the Common Entrance examinations at 13+ is rigorous and is designed to stretch the abilities of academically gifted and talented students.

Below is a brief syllabus based on the types of questions that are commonly asked in the mathematics exam.

It's a useful guide for ensuring that your child has studied the appropriate topics within the subject. You should nonetheless aim to help your child stretch beyond the list of topics included.

Mathematics Syllabus For 13+ Common Entrance

  • Number and place value (accurately rounding numbers), HCF and LCM, arithmetic

  • Solving problems using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division

  • Mathematical reasoning

  • Fractions, decimals and percentages (including the addition and subtraction of fractions, multiplying proper fractions and mixed numbers by whole numbers, comparing and ordering fractions)

  • Ratio and proportion

  • Algebra

  • Measurements

  • Geometry (identify 3-D shapes from 2-D representations, differentiating regular and irregular polygons)

  • Statistics (interpreting information in tables, applying formulae to solve problems involving perimeter and area of shapes)

  • Graph and pie chart interpretation