Is Homeschooling The Way Forward?

Should I homeschool my child?

Just turn on the news and you'll hear endless stories of government cutbacks,

declining standards in schools & a growing fear amongst parents that their children

aren't receiving the level of education that they deserve.

The unfortunate reality is that many schools cannot meet the needs of every single pupil within their school.

As a result, children at the very top and very bottom of the learning spectrum tend to suffer the most.

They're neglected, frustrated and feel as if no one (or no teacher) is listening to them.

What's interesting to observe is that whist cuts are increasing and standards are declining,

the number of parents opting to home-school their children is on the rise.

In the UK, local authorities have typically seen a 61% increase in the number

of children being home-schooled.

Nonetheless, the home-school phenomenon isn't just happening in the UK, it's becoming a quiet but growing

phenomenon internationally. For example, in the USA the number of children being home-schooled has risen

by a whopping 36% in the last 5 years. That's massive growth!

I've spoken to parents who simply find regular schooling just doesn't provide their child(ren) with the level

of support that they need.

Furthermore, home-schooling offers parents far greater control in terms of the content

that their child learns and the spectrum of subjects taught.

Another possible explanation for the rise of home-schoolers is the internet! Nowadays parents can easily access free

and paid for educational materials that can aid studying.

I recall teaching/tutoring a boy (aged 6) who's mum had taught him

how to read and write by using online educational resources.

She knew pretty much every educational website and had become

accustomed with American home-schooling sites. It was rather impressive.

Do you think that homeschooling is an effective alternative to traditional schooling?

Has your child studied at home before? Was it effective?

I'd love to hear your thoughts. Leave a comment below and let me know what you think.

The Tutoress