Are you a pushy parent?

I used to think that 'pushy parenting' was a fallacy and that all parents shouldpush their children to succeed academically.

Nowadays however, my perspective has started to change.

I was recently teaching a lesson when a parent interrupted and started to moan endlessly about how lazy their child was.

As I nodded my head in approval, something hit me.

I realised that whilst some children are genuinely lazy and really don't care about their learning, this child wasn't one of them. This child did work. They worked incredibly hard and deserved a 'well done' or 'keep it up darling.'

I left the lesson and began to ponder:

Is it okay to constantly criticise children?

Is it okay to push, push and push your child in the bid for academic excellence?

Will constant pushing lead to success or will it just result in broken children who don't feel as if anything they do is good enough?

As a private tutor, is my role to simply nod in acknowledgement or to interrupt when parents are criticising their children?

What do you think?

Is pushy parenting acceptable or is it borderline abusive?

I'm starting to agree with the latter.

Leave a comment below and share your thoughts.

The Tutoress.