11 Plus Intensive Course

11 plus intensive course
11 plus intensive course

Many parents have asked about the possibility of me organising an intensive 11 plus course this year.

After some contemplation I realised that an intensive course would be a brilliant idea because it enables students to learn both independently and with other students. Furthermore, it allows students to compare their progress with that of other students who'll be taking the same exams.

This year was the first year where I taught more group tuition lessons and I discovered quite quickly that group tuition is excellent because it enables students to learn from each other. For instance, I had two students who were both preparing for 11+ exams at very competitive private and grammar schools. I realised that where one student was weak, the other was strong and vice versa. It therefore made perfect sense to teach them simultaneously because it enabled them to identify their own strengths and observe how the other student approached certain questions.

The result of this particular group tuition was that both students were offered places at the schools they'd applied for. One was offered a very generous scholarship for one of the best private schools in London. Without having studied together I doubt both students would have done as well as they did.

This experience really opened by eyes to the benefits of group tuition and intensive courses and now I'm a huge advocate of them.

If your child is preparing for the 11+ exams, I highly recommend considering enrolling them in an intensive or group course like the one I'm holding. My course starts on the 19th of August and parents have the option of having their child partake in either one or two weeks of the course. I strongly recommend two weeks because we'll be thoroughly preparing the children for the exams and we'll teach them more or less everything they need to know about them.

For more information on the 11+ intensive courseclick here. Places are limited and from the looks of it, spaces will probably be sold out very quickly. I therefore recommend booking your child's place now.

After booking, I'll send you a confirmation email as well as further details about the course such as information on the venue and location etc.