Should you skip questions in the 11+ exam?

When you're in the 11+ exam, it can be natural to feel nervous and as a result, there's a possibility that a question that would normally seem 'easy' might appear to be very difficult.

This means that students often spend long periods of time trying to figure out how to answer one question and therefore neglect other questions.

In the 11+ exam it's crucial for your child to be mindful of time. On average, students have about 30 seconds to answer each question and that includes the time given to read the question as well. There's very little time to mull over questions and spend twice the desired time on them.

To stand the best chance of doing well even when sitting a tough eleven plus exam, it's important that your child learns to skip questions that they find to be too difficult to complete within the allocated time frame. Simply put, if a question is too difficult, move onto the next BUT encourage your child to leave a few minutes at the end (about 5 should be enough) so that they can go back and complete any unfinished questions.

Also encourage your child to spend the last 5-10 minutes of each exam checking through their answers to ensure that they are correct. 

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