Eight Summer Activity Ideas For Your Kids

Summer holiday activity ideas for kids

Summer holiday activity ideas for kids

The summer holidays can initially seem like a blessing- there's no longer a need to wake up early to take the kids to school, pack their lunches or rush to help them complete the homework that's due tomorrow. However, after a few days of the holiday period, most children are bored, fed up and begging to go back to school. For parents, the annual summer holiday can be a major inconvenience. However, it doesn't need to be. There are several ways to keep your kids entertained without having to sit them in front of a TV, iPad or fancy technological device.

Here are eight summer activity ideas that kids of all ages will love:

Hobby Classes and Arts & Craft: Summers are the best time for children to indulge in piquing their interests and the most popular activity during summers is pursuing a hobby. Whether it is music, like playing the guitar or keyboard to singing, or whether it is something to do with theatre and performing arts like acting or recitals or dancing, it is always best to pursue a hobby as these things go a long way. Kids can learn a new language or join a book club, these days there is an option for anything your child would like to do.

Camping Getaways: Many primary schools offer summer activity camps for their students or even organize outdoor activity camps in other venues. Going to a school camp is a safe option since the parents have already met the teachers and their wards' classmates and are familiar with the school. Outdoor camping activities include a lot of fun, adventurous facilities such as swimming, archery, motorsports, rock climbing, trekking, zorbing, setting up tents, etc.,

Sports: The basketball court is an ideal ground for many games like Horse, 21, Bump or simply a game of one on one. What's best about basketball is that you need not go to a specific court or ground to play. Families living in open spaces with their own compound or backyard can install a basketball hoop and enjoy with kids.

Beach volleyball is another sport kids can find interesting as it combines a fun sport with a great outdoor location- The beach! You can cool off with some summer breeze at the beach and enjoy a fun game of volleyball.

Football: The beauty about football is that you can play it anywhere! Whether a ground, or a street or within the building compound. Often kids who are really interested in the sport take up training and go to football fields and train professionally.

Indoor Badminton: In sports gymnasiums and sports complexes, there are indoor badminton arenas with courts for people to play while avoiding the scorching sun.
Swimming: Lastly, swimming is probably the best sport for the summer time given that it is a fun alternative for kids to splash around in the water and have a blast. Moms can also relax with their kids in the cool waves of the water.

Cooking: Cooking with your child helps you spend some good quality time and gives you the onus of supervising your child at work. Including your children while cooking lets them know that they are doing something important and take it very seriously. There are tons of fun summer recipes that you could try with your kid such as ñNutella Popsicles, easy chocolate cakes, strawberry sorbets, red velvet cupcakes, basic pancakes, mini burgers, etc.
Outdoor Adventures: These days there are fun adventure activities planned for kids as well as their parents. Parents and kids with their own instructors can have fun outside and enjoy together. These outdoor adventures include rappelling, sailing, rock climbing, tree house building, etc.