How Should I Market My Tutoring Service?

how to market a tutoring business

One of the most common questions I get from tutors is 'where can I advertise without spending lots of money?'

When I first started my tutoring business I was broke and struggling to make more than a few pounds a week. It was an incredibly tough period.

However, the fact that I built my business with such little money shows that having a mountain of money isn't necessary to build a profitable and enjoyable tutoring business.

Because I know that tutors like yourself want to market themselves in a way that's cost-effective, I spent several hours this weekend creating something that I hope you'll cherish and appreciate.

You can download it here.

It's a list of tutoring websites in the USA, Canada and UK.

If you're not sure of what a tutoring website is, it's simply a website that lists profiles of hundreds (sometimes thousands) of tutors within specific regions. Many of these sites rank highly on Google and as a result, parents who are looking for tutors search through these sites to find a tutor for themselves or their child.

Because I'm based in the UK, I can't personally vouch for every single site listed. However, the best way to discover whether they're any good is to try them yourself.

Download the marketing swipe file here.

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Have a fab week!

Victoria :) 
The Tutoress 
Author, Become a Private Tutor