6 Teachers Who Are Transforming Global Education

This week has been a wonderful one. I discovered that I've been nominated for an #EightWomen Award.

Being nominated has been an honour and it's made me realise how important it is to recognise and showcase the work of inspiring  teachers, educators and business owners who are transforming how we learn in many different ways.

The teachers and educators that I'm highlighting today are game-changers, thought leaders and motivators. One by one, they're transforming the lives of children, young people and even adults, everywhere.

The first inspiring educator is Kaneisha Grayson.

kaneisha grayson

I discovered Kaneisha about two years ago. Her friend (and one of my big business inspirations) Laura Roeder mentioned her at an event in London and I was immediately impressed with her business.

Kaneisha is the founder of TheArtofApplying.com; a company which specialises in providing consulting services to aspiring Harvard graduates. Since 2010, Kaneisha’s business has served over 150 clients with a combined $1.8 million in fellowships awarded from top policy and business schools in the U.S. and internationally.

stacey myers

One of my favourite entrepreneurs and teachers is the incredible Stacey Myers.

Stacey is a professional teacher, best-selling author and BodyByVi coach. Since starting out in the business realm, Stacey has worked with marketing industry leaders such as NY Times Bestselling authors Peggy McColl and Bob Proctor.

She is particularly amazing because she makes running multiple businesses, mentoring and teaching look like effortless. I wonder how she does it?

renee pena

Renee Pena (M.S. ED,NYS) is an Early Learning educator and blogger. She is the founder of Made For You Learning, an education company which provides parents to make better educational decisions for their children.

What makes Renee's work remarkable is her passion and commitment for seeing children and their parents fall in love with learning.

Melissa Camilleri

Another educator who is taking the world by storm is Melissa Camilleri.

As a High School Teacher, Melissa witnessed the struggles that poorer students faced and was committed to make a change. She was determined to give back to girls in the local community and came up with an idea to do just that.

Combining business, jewellery and philanthropy, she launched her jewellery business (called Compliment) in November of 2011. A percentage of her company's sales are used for the Compliment Fund which finances the education of girls who want a better education. Melissa is a stellar example of a teacher who is using her work and business to help educate on a local and soon-to-be global scale.

Next up is a lady who has taught me a lot about teaching and the tutoring business; Adrianne Meldrum.

adrianne meldrum

Adrianne is a popular tutor and is the founder of The Tutor House (a brilliant website for students and tutors alike). Her business provides both one-to-one and online tutoring services for students in her local area and additionally teaches aspiring tutors how to build successful tutoring businesses of their own. 

Last but not least is Amy Isaman.

Amy is the founder of WhereTeensWrite, a website that encourages teenagers to embrace writing and improve their writing skills. Having taught at High Schools and Colleges. 

Amy is a highly experienced writer herself and she is passionate about empowering the writing ability of teenagers from across the world. WhereTeensWrite is jam-packed with advice, resources and learning aids for teenagers who want to better their writing. She has created a business that positively impacts children's lives whilst proving that writing is fun.