Alternative Words For 'Said': A Key Primary Resource For 11+ and SATs Prep

I've observed that one of the biggest reasons why children don't succeed in their 11-plus school entrance exams is because of limited vocabulary.

This limitation can take various forms such as:

  • Not knowing what certain words mean
  • Struggling with synonym and antonym exercises
  • Lacking the ability to use a varied range of vocabulary when writing stories, essays or articles

Because of this, many bright and highly capable students fail to pass their 11 plus

I therefore always stress to my tutoring clients that they should encourage their child to work on vocabulary as much as possible.

When I run my annual 11+ summer course I usually do a fun exercise with the students. They love this activity and it's this very activity that inspired today's blog post: alternative words for said.

Feel free to download the image, print it out and use it with your child. 

If you liked this post, leave a comment below and tell me, what's one area of the 11 plus that your child struggles with?

Have a brilliant day,

The Tutoress.