21 Essential Vocabulary Words For The 11+ Exam

Vocabulary is one of the most important areas that children need to master in order to excel in the 11+.

Vocabulary skills are tested in the Verbal Reasoning exam, in reading comprehensions and during interviews.

It's therefore vital that you constantly remind your child of how important vocabulary is.

When we run our 11+ courses we teach our students how to learn new words (and their synonyms and antonyms) in a way that is fast and fun!

We also love sharing fun posters and worksheets that help with improving vocabulary. 

Take a look at the one below. You're welcome to print it, share it and go through the words with your child.

To make it even more valuable, try doing these activities:

1. Can you spot any of these words in one of your stories or books? Ask your child to look through 3 or 4 of their books and highlight whenever they spot one of these words. How did the author use the word? Why did they choose this particular word?

2. Write a sentence using each of the above vocabulary words. 

3. Identify and write down 3 synonyms and antonyms for each of the vocabulary words in the list. By learning both the synonyms and antonyms your child will learn even words. 

To receive free vocabulary posters, resources and worksheets click here.