Does Your Child Need To Be a Genius To Win a Place at a Top School?

                Does your child need to be a genius to win a place at a top school?

                Does your child need to be a genius to win a place at a top school?

If you'd love to see your child win a place at a prestigious British secondary school, read on...

One thing that many parents, teachers and tutors fail to realise is that the best schools aren't just assessing a child's intelligence when determining whether that child should or shouldn't obtain a place at a particular school.

The best schools are actually looking for something that is beyond intelligence. This is a great thing for both parents and children because it means that in essence, your child doesn't need to be Einstein or a member of MENSA to win a place. 

The fact that they're looking for something beyond intelligence gives your child an even playing field when competing with children who may have had more tuition, read more books or are in some way more advantaged than your child.

So what is the 'thing' that's beyond intelligence?

Potential. Potential demonstrates to a school that your child might not be 100% there but they have the ability to be superb if given the chance. 

How can your child demonstrate potential or improve their potential? 
They can do the following:

  • Develop a true passion for learning and a desire to expand their mind.
  • Be well-travelled, well-cultured and well-mannered. This is particularly important if your child is applying to schools that have interviews as part of the entrance process.
  • Foster a great personality. Is your child quiet but confident, polite yet slightly assertive, kind yet strong-willed? These are some of the unique attributes that schools are looking for in their pupils.

As a leading 11+ tutor, I've spoken to hundreds of parents and I've taught hundreds of children. I've carefully observed the differences between the students that pass and those that don't. I know for a fact that the very children who "seem" to be high-flyers don't necessarily do well in the 11+ nor do they always receive offers for the best schools.

If you truly want your child to succeed, you have to encourage them to be well-rounded, incredibly hard-working and to retain their own individual identity,

The most elite schools assess a wide variety of traits which is why it's important that you follow the advice that's set out in this article.

Now, here's your homework for this week:
Think of 3 ways in which your child can improve their potential.

What can you do to help them to possess and demonstrate it? 

Be creative and jot down ideas, create a mind-map or spider diagram with your child. 

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Here's to your child's success!

The Tutoress.