Does Your Child Need Help With 11+ English?

The 11+ English exam can be particularly difficult for students who are from backgrounds whereby English isn't spoken or is a second language.

It can also be particularly trying for students who aren't naturally passionate about reading, creative writing and spelling. 

To put it bluntly, not every child is a lover of English and some children need some extra help in order to be more engaged with the subject.

The English syllabus for 11+ students usually consists of comprehension (inference, deduction and more) as well as a writing task. Some schools also require students to complete vocabulary exercises (which test synonym and antonym knowledge) or SPAG activities. 

In order to maximise your child's chances of passing the 11+ English exam it's vital that your child practices all of these areas in depth and focuses on both writing and comprehension as they are of equal importance.

To help with the comprehension side of the exam, Miss Olubi has created one of the UK's first virtual learning programme for 11+ English. The course which is called The Clever Comprehension Academy covers various aspects of comprehension and helps students to understand what examiners are looking for when marking 11+ papers.

For the first time ever, we're giving parents access to the course for just £12pm (£144py). Considering that great English tutors are hard to find and usually charge at least £25 per hour, the cost of the course is incredibly affordable and gives students 24/7 access.

Click here to get access to the course

What's even better is the fact that if your child completes our intensive summer course you'll receive two years membership for free! Click here for more details on the summer school.