How to make 11+ vocabulary fun

One of the most common reasons why children struggle with the 11+ exams is because they haven't gotten to grips with mastering their vocabulary.

As a parent it can be difficult to help your child with this area because to be frank, most parents (and adults in general) struggle with vocabulary). 

Furthermore, with more and more private and grammar schools adopting the CEM exam, vocabulary is becoming a greater part of the exam which means that if you want your child to pass, you must focus on this area.

How do you do that?

Here's one simple but highly effective thing you can do to help your child to boost their vocab skills.

Introduce Vocab Moments
Vocab Moments are simply a 20 minute slot each week assigned to fun yet educational word and vocabulary games.

If you have family or friends over, get them to join in and make this a weekly activity.

How to make 11+ vocabulary practice fun

One of my favourite games to play during vocab moments is Scrabble and I always encourage my students to have a dictionary, thesaurus and paper on hand so that they can write down any unique words they come across.

It's a brilliant way to improve vocabulary whilst enabling your child to enjoy learning.

Your Homework (yes, parents get homework too!)
Your assignment this week is to introduce vocab moments in your household.

It can be as little as 20 minutes a week and it will really help your child to prepare for the 11+ and future exams such as the SATs and KS3 assessments.

Wishing you a wonderful week.

Miss Olubi.