Should I move to a different area to get my child into a good grammar or independent school?

Competition for secondary school places is constantly heating up.

Naturally, there are too few spaces for the hundreds of children in each area who want to attend their best local (or not so local) school.

should i move house to get my child into a good grammar or state school?

Due to the fact that several of the best schools prioritise the applications of children who live locally, parents are often tempted to move homes in a bid to guarantee that their child wins a place at a sought-after school.

Although this is a tempting option, it's worth asking yourself whether it's really worth the effort.

Are you willing to take the time and energy to change jobs, travel to work further, move away from close family and friends?

Are you willing to do everything and anything in the bid to increase your child's chances of getting into a particular school?

For some parents, the answer is a straight-forward YES.

For others, the idea of making such a big change is absurd and could potentially cause both short and long term problems.

Truthfully, there is no one-size fits all solution.

When making a decision like this, think about your child, yourself and your family. 

Whilst some families will find moving to be a breeze, others will struggle. It's therefore important to think about how your family will adapt to moving to a completely different area during a time when your child is making one of the biggest changes that they've ever made.

Also consider the fact that you'll be going through all of the difficulties of moving home whilst also supporting your child through their first year of secondary school. 

There's plenty to think about but ultimately the decision is yours. 

Now, let's hear from you.

Have you decided to move school during the 11+ process?

How have you found the move?

Are you thinking about moving but haven't decided yet?

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