10 Incredibly Beautiful Words For 11+ Creative Writing


When it comes to the writing component of the 11+ exam, many students fail to impress examiners because they use the same mundane descriptive words that other children use. 

Such words are good but not great enough to WOW admissions tutors and examiners. 

To help your child improve their creative writing and get them to stand out from the crowd, go through this list of 10 remarkable descriptive words. 

To boost your child's learning further, encourage them to memorise the meanings of each word as well as the antonyms. This will not only help them to learn the words better but it will also help to increase their vocabulary.

Finally, finish off by encouraging them to write a great story or decriptive sentence using each of the 10 words.

Let's take a look at the words below:

1. Assemblage. 

2. Dulcet.

3. Effervescent.

4.  Elixir.

5. Ephemeral. 

6.  Fetching. 

7. Becoming. 

8. Gambol. 

9. Mellifluous.

10.  Luxuriant.

After completing this activity with your child, let us know whether they enjoyed learning these words by tweeting us @TheTutoress.

Here's to your child's success, 

The Tutoress.