Why Your Child Needs a Reading Nook and How To Create One Without Breaking The Bank

A reading nook, what’s that?  

Thats exactly what I asked myself when I first saw the phrase splattered over several mum blogs. 

Nonetheless, I soon found myself entranced by an array of books, posters, paintings and bean bags, all of which brought back beautiful memories of childhood. 

There’s something about reading that is so magical and transformative, especially for children and it’s those memories of reading a beloved book that stay with a child for a lifetime.

Reading is magical.

If you’re wondering what a reading nook is, it’s simply a small reading corner or area within your home that’s dedicated to reading. It’s like a little haven where your child can go to escape from the hussle

and bustle of school and delve into any book of their choosing. 


The reason why it’s so beneficial to have one is because it enables your child to allocate time and space to reading; it separates reading time and helps them to prioritise it. 

Furthermore, your child can read to themselves, with a sibling or you can join in and read with them.  

Plus, reading nooks/corners are pretty and inspiring which means that children naturally gravitate towards them. They make reading fun. 

And by the way, it doesn’t need to cost a fortune to make one. I recently used a windowsill as a reading corner space in my house and it looks beautiful. I literally can’t stop staring at it.  

Here are some of our favourites for your inspiration.



A reading corner with a beautiful decal quote. 


A beautiful pink reading corner.


A window-based reading corner that’s bright and colourful. 


A collage of some of our favourite reading books. 


This week, think of some ways in which you can create a reading corner in your home. It’s the perfect excuse for a trip to IKEA 🙂.