How To Be Tactical About The 11+, 13+ & Other School Entrance Exams


It’s that time of year when our students find out whether they’ve passed the 11+ and it’s naturally a very nerve-wrecking time for them.

I recently spoke to a parent and was asking how her child did and the conversation reminded me of the fact the importance of strategic thinking when it comes to the 11+

admissions process. For instance, one mum insisted that she would only apply for just one school. The school just so happened to be one of the most competitive schools in the UK and is exceptionally selective. I suggested that she consider other options but the mum was adamant that she only needed to apply for that particular school.  Although I respect her decision, I do believe that it’s important to consider multiple schools.

When it comes to the 11+ (or any school entrance exam) it’s best not to put all your eggs in one basket. 

I always advise clients to apply for a variety of schools as it gives their child not just a higher chance of acceptance but more choice. 

Choice is a beautiful thing because it enables you and your child to pick the school that is most likely to be the best fit for them.

In contrast, if you only apply for one school, your child has a lower chance of being accepted and if accepted, they might soon discover that they don’t like the school. This results in limited options and potential unhappiness.

Applying for several schools is a smart tactic and I recommend sharp thinking when it comes to the 11+ and 13+ application process.

I’ll be sharing some more tactic tips over the next few blog posts but I hope this has encouraged you to think in a more strategic way.

Here’s to your child success!

The Tutoress Team.