Common Entrance at 13+

The Common Entrance exam at 13+ is supported by several of the most competitive British independent secondary schools. The exam is rigorous and assesses a wide range of subjects including English and Mathematics. One of the benefits of sitting the exam is its ability to prepare students for academic life at some of the country’s leading academic institutions.

The 13+ exam is very academic and requires students to study a thorough syllabus. The syllabus reflects the material and standards expected of students throughout their senior school education.

Students sit the 13+ when they are in Year 8. Some pupils will take the exam in November, whilst others will sit it in January, May or June.

Key Common Entrance Subjects

English, Mathematics and Science make up the core 13+ subjects. However, students are also required to sit exams in additional subjects such as:

  • French

  • Geography

  • German

  • Classical Civilisation

  • Greek

  • Latin

  • History

  • Religious Studies

  • Spanish

13+ Schools

Here are some of the schools that require students to sit the 13+ exam.

  • Solihull

  • Sevenoaks

  • Wellington College

  • St Paul’s School

  • Hampton School

  • Haberdashers’ Askes’ Boys

  • Radley College

  • Colfe's School

  • Forest School

  • Haileybury School

  • Westminster

  • Aldenham

  • Rubgby School

  • St Edward's, Oxford

  • Reigate Grammar School

  • Malborough College

  • Tonbridge School

  • John Lyon School

  • Oundle School

  • Whitgift School

  • Bancroft’s School

  • St Albans School

  • Woldingham School

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