Does your child struggle to write engaging and imaginative stories?

Do they find it difficult to come up with creative ideas?

Do they often fail to apply spelling, punctuation and grammar rules to their writing?

If so, reserve a place for them on our brand new writing class.

Creative Writing Academy is a new online writing course that’s designed to help children rapidly improve their writing skills.

✔ Improve scores

✔ Build confidence

✔ Develop long-term writing skills

Course Curriculum

Module One

  • Spelling, punctuation and grammar rules - building a strong foundation in SPAG

  • Applying SPAG rules to creative writing

Module Two

  • Story idea generation (how to come up with excellent ideas quickly and effortlessly)

  • Story planning (how to plan interesting and engaging stories using innovative techniques)

Module Three

  • Story Starters

  • An introduction to linguistic devices

Module Four

  • Creative writing structures, formats and layouts

  • Effective proof-reading strategies

Module Five

  • Story development - when to create suspense and how to do so effectively

  • Introducing dialogue

Module Six

  • Character development

  • Linguistic device application

Module Seven

  • Advanced creative writing techniques

  • Cliffhangers and story endings

Module Eight

  • Further linguistic device development and application

  • Speed and Timing - how to write outstanding stories in 30 minutes or less

Who is the course for?

  • Children ages 9-12 who want to improve their writing in preparation for SATs and school entrance exams including the 11+.

  • Children who struggle with spelling, punctuation, grammar and vocabulary.

  • Children who would like to improve their scores, build their confidence and develop life-long writing skills.

Spaces on this course are limited and will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.