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The Tutoress
The Tutoress

Since 2010, The Tutoress has helped hundreds of children to pass entrance exams for some of the world's most prestigious schools.

From Eton to Dubai College, our students have obtained places at some of the world's best schools and we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional tuition lessons.

Our team consists of tutors who are not just highly educated but are also kind, communicative and passionate about education. In essence, we want to see our students succeed in the 11+ exams and beyond.


  • 11+ Intensive Courses which are held three times during the year: August, October and April. The intensive course is designed for students who need extra support with building their confidence, improving their exam technique and mastering key 11+ subjects. Our next course begins on the 4th of April 2016. Click here to learn more about it.
  • Books and resources for exam success. Take a look at our best-selling education books here.

We Help Students To:

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  • Ace the 11+. Our students achieve marks that are well above the pass mark for their first and second choice schools. In 2015, every student who undertook one-to-one tuition and attended at least one of our holiday courses received multiple offers from highly competitive schools.
  • Improve their KS2 English and Maths levels. On average, students who participate in our 3-week intensive summer course move up one academic level.
  • Increase their confidence. We believe that the best students are well-rounded. We therefore include confidence-building activities in our courses. 
  • Apply to the best schools. Our tutors provide education consulting and advice to parents who are uncertain about which school to send their child to. This enables our students to apply to the schools that are best for their individual needs and abilities.