Do You Need Qualifications To Become A Tutor?

Have you ever thought about becoming a tutor but questioned whether you were 'qualified' enough?I've heard so many people say things like, 'I'd love to become a tutor but I just don't think I have the right qualifications?

Private TutoringI always find it quite interesting when I hear such remarks because the truth is that...

you don't need ANY qualifications to be a tutor! Yes, it's true!

Tutors usually come from a variety of academic and professional backgrounds. Some are Graduates, Qualified Teachers, Retirees whilst others are simply people who are highly skilled in a specific field or industry. For example, a mum who is awesome at teaching primary/kindergarten level maths but doesn't have a qualified teaching certificate or degree. Technically speaking, there's absolutely nothing wrong with her charging money to tutor maths to local kids. In fact, she might just discover that she's actually better at teaching the subject than most teachers.

If you're thinking about tutoring but feel unqualified, you're wrong. The tutoring sector is as diverse as the people in it. They come from all walks of life and many are good at tutoring because they're great educators.

I bet you're now thinking, 'how can I tutor if I don't have qualifications in the subject?' Well, in reality you shouldn't be teaching a subject that you're not confident in. For example, if you love maths and just can't get enough of the subject, then you probably should be teaching it and sharing your knowledge with the world! If however, you have a maths teacher qualification but hate the subject then you're definitely best off teaching a subject that you actually like!

The reality is that qualifications play quite a minor role in your ability to tutor. Your ability to teach, your passion for the subject and your willingness to become a student of the subject (the best teachers are the biggest learners) are THE most important factors in influencing how good (or great) a tutor you are.

So don't let qualifications (or lack of them) hold you back from pursuing your tutoring dreams! Go on and tutor! By sharing your knowledge and passion with the world, you're making a difference to someone else's life! Who doesn't want to do that? I know I do.

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