What Happens After The Grammar School Exams?

Now that we're half way through September, thousands of children who sat the grammar school entrance exams will have finished the 11+ process and will be moving on to preparing for the 2016 SATs exam.

Although it might seem like a great time to breath a sigh of relief, unwind and avoid doing any form of studying,  this might actually be the time to think about your child's next steps.

These include:

How to help your child after they've sat the 11+ grammar school exams.

How to help your child after they've sat the 11+ grammar school exams.

  • Getting ready for the 2016 SATs exam.
  • Sitting the independent school exams in December/January.
  • Maintaining your child's academic progress so that they don't slip.

Whilst it's easy for both parents and children to become complacent, it's actually crucial that you make a conscious choice to keep your child's academic future in mind.

In doing so you'll be teaching your child a very positive message:

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Don't get me wrong, it's great to give your child a break (and after the 11+ process, they certainly deserve one), but it's also important to ensure that the break that they have is scheduled and purposeful.

I personally recommend giving your child 4 weeks off after the 11+ exam so that they can have as much fun as possible. Then, after those 4 weeks have passed, encourage them to go back to their usual 11+ preparation routine or a routine that's similar.

Communication is vital so it's important that you communicate to your child; tell them that they will have a 4 week break after the 11+ exam to have fun and unwind, but after those 4 weeks have passed, they will return to their usual routine.

During the 4 week break your child can engage in a variety of activities, make friends or go on holiday. Reward them for the hard-work that they've done over the past few months/years and remind them that no matter how they do in the 11+, you'll still love and adore them.

After their break, start focusing on your child's next big goal. For instance, if they're planning to sit the independent school exams in late 2015 or early 2016, create a revision time table for them. You may also consider hiring a tutor to help with preparing for the exam.

If your child isn't sitting any more entrance exams, start preparing them for the KS2 SATs or simply give them work that is of 11+ standard or higher so that they don't forget what they learnt during the 11+ exam process.

As always, stay positive, enthusiastic and loving. Encourage your child to do their best and continue to be their biggest source of support.

I hope these tips were helpful! If you liked them, leave a comment below sharing your favourite tip.

Here's to your child's happiness and success!


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